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IPSC Metric A-Zone training target, made of rifle rated laser cut 3/8" AR500 for long life. Used commonly by USPSA, three gun matches, and just about everyone else out there other than the guys who run around with fishing and camera vests all day, the IPSC Metric is an industry standard. This A-Zone target gives you the 11.02 x 5.91 inch Alpha center of mass hit box. Why that size? 'Cause while there may be two types of countries in the world, those who have been to the moon, and those who use metric, the metric guys won the coin toss on deciding target sizes. 

Use this target as a trainer for all alphas in matches. With one included hole designed to take a 1/2" carriage bolt, lag, or hex bolt, you've got multiple options for mounting. Place in front of a cardboard IPSC, and know you're getting your hits when you hear steel ring. 

Modular Stand not included, but available as a related product. If you're clever enough to get a 2x4 piece of lumber vertical, you don't need to buy the stand. A-Frame brackets are another great way to go, and I'm sure someone more clever will suggest additional ways to go about this as well. 

Ships USPS for $5, just like everything else in the First Steel Category. 

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