MOA Targets 50% IPSC Metric With Universal Mount

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50% scale IPSC Metric 3/8" AR500 steel target (appx 9x15”, plus tab) which comes with a mounting tab and one universal mount for convenient target setup. Flat rate eligible. Easily mounts to a user supplied 2x4 post. Cobble together your own post system, or pick up a Battle Born Base with a third hole to make it easy.

When mounted to a post, a lag or screw can be used to prevent the system from dropping down the post as shot, or left out for a reactive target system.

This target can be used with standard centerfire pistols at 12 yards, intermediate and hunting rifles at 100 yards, and magnum rifles at 200 yards. As usual, no steel core, bimetal jacket, AP, incendiary, or tracer ammunition is to be used with steel targets. Don't be dumb.

This target is eligible for $5 flat rate USPS shipping.

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