Battle Born Target Stand Base

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The MOA Battle Born target stand base utilizes a total of four 2x4" boards, two for the base (sleepers) and two as the upright posts. With the addition of a MOA Battle Born top plate (for easy break down) or a section of 2x4", the MOA Battle Born target stand can be used for cardboard targets, or swinging targets. The target stand base is made of 0.1875 x 3" angle iron, and is not intended to be used as a target surface. Target stands are available fully assembled (welded) or as a weld kit.

Pro tip: If you shoot your uprights full of holes, swap them out with the outriggers and keep on shooting. At the price of green or scrap 2x4s, you can afford to shoot up a lot of uprights with this simple, sturdy system that allows you easily adjust the target height by varying the length of the uprights. In rough, sloped, or windy conditions, use longer outriggers for stability. We've used these stands with full length cardboard targets in winds gusting over 30 MPH without staking or putting weights on four foot long sleepers.


Please select length, 20-36" are the standards. If you'd like a custom length base, please contact us

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