Fantasy Monster Targets

MOA's Fantasy Monsters are designed to help train up all aspiring monster hunters in the art of hunting monsters. These targets are available in 3/8” AR500 in various scales and mounting types. 1/2” and 1” AR500 versions available by request (use the Contact Us link to discuss). 1/4” AR400 is not recommended for monster targets, for target longevity considerations.

Monster targets are covered under MOA's standard 30 day hardness guarantee, but are not warrantied against detail failures, such as fancy bits getting shot off over time. The details that make these targets unique and fun are also where they will fail, which is a bummer.

Due to the higher cut times required to make the AR500 monster targets and the inclusion of acute angles and cutouts on the targets, expect these targets to not only be more expensive pound per pound but to also not last as long as standard shaped gongs. They do, however, look really cool.

These targets are recommended for the experienced steel shooter, who is a bit of a nerd, and probably has private land they can leave these up on all the time.

Have an idea or request for a fantasy monster? Contact us!

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