Triceratops Silhouette Steel Target

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If you ever build a time machine, you may want to practice shooting the MOA Targets 1/4" AR400 steel triceratops silhouette target before heading back to the late Cretaceous. Base model is built of 1/4" AR400, suitable for rimfire and service pistols (9x19mm, .45ACP, .40S&W, and similar). Good to go with 5.56x45mm at 300 yards as well. You should not use steel-core or other armor penetrating ammunition on our AR400 or AR500 steel targets; you will ruin the target, and you'll want to save it for any actual dinosaurs you come up against while conducting missionary work in the Central African Republic. This lovely beast measures approximately 20x11", and is eligible for Free Flat Rate Shipping. Two 1/2" square holes are provided for mounting with 1/2" carriage bolts. 

Comes with a set of A-Frame brackets for 2x4", and a set of firehose hangers and hardware to hang it.


Go do your own Spielburg impersonation. 


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