½” Rectangular AR500 Steel Target (up to 22x11) Flat Rate Eligible

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Our 1/2 inch thick AR500 steel targets are ideal for pistol, magnum pistol, and  rimfire rifle practice from 12 yards, and centerfire rifles with a muzzle velocity less than 2800 FPS if used at least 100 yards from the target. Centerfire rifles with a muzzle velocity greater than 2800 FPS, including magnum loads, may be used if the target is at least 150 yards from the firing line. These targets may also be used with .50 BMG rounds at 1000 yards, with the caveat that it will reduce the service life of your target. These items can be shipped USPS flat rate and are eligible for free USPS shipping for orders of $175 or more.


Please select options for number of holes, and size. Size options include 11x8.5", 6x2", 12x4", 12x6", 22x11", 13.5x11.5", 8.5x5.5", 18x11", and 15x11".

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