Static Targets

Static Steel Shooting Targets

Often referred to as shooting gongs, static steel targets are just that: AR500 and AR400 steel plate targets designed to sit, hang, or fall with no fancy mounting systems or articulation. By that token they are the least expensive, most versatile, and most dependable steel targets you can buy. Hanging square plates or round gongs are available for pistols and rifles of all calibers.

MOA’s static steel targets are available in:

For more information on what steel hardness and thickness is appropriate for your use, please see the chart below. Click the ovals at the bottom of the chart to access your selected target type, or use the menu above.

Choosing which Target is Right for you flowchart.
Quarter Inch Thick AR400 Steel Targets Contact Us Three Eigth Inch Thick AR500 Steel Targets Half Inch Thick AR500 Steel Targets One Inch Thick AR500 Steel BMG Targets Three Eight Inch Thick AR500 Steel Targets

The sky's the limit on mounting options, be it chain, rubber straps, hard mount (bolted), or anything else you can think up. Select MOA static targets are available with a 1.75x2.25” tab for single point mounting, and all MOA static targets are available with various numbers of holes.

All MOA targets are shipped unpainted to encourage right-brain activity, and to save our time and your money.

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1 Inch Thick AR500 Steel 6" Gong
This here is an AR500 steel target which is an inch thick, which is more than we can say for you. It..