"You got any leftovers or old stuff?"

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We get a surprising number of people asking us for "just something to shoot at." Because of our cutting process (CNC laser), we don't actually have drop or leftover material very often, we have the targets we want, and a big sheet of material with a ton of holes in it. We've got a small pile built up, but we also have a bunch of older designs and one offs that never ended up on the website.

There are no returns on this item, obviously, because it's a random piece of steel. It's likely to be rusty. It may or may not have a mounting hole(s). It may have a mounting hole that partially cut and then the machine decided it was coffee break so the hole still requires work to finish out.

It's mostly likely to be 3/8 AR400 (from a blem lot), but it may include 1/4" AR400 for rimfire and service pistol, 3/8" AR500 for intermediate rifle, 1/2" AR500 for magnum rifle, or 1" AR500 for 50BMG.You won't get any mild steel or actual junk in this, unless we throw it in for fun (no charge) in a USPS package, and we'll mark it as such.

Expect to get approximately 10-15 lbs of targets per $50, shipped. For reference, most of our products run about $7.5/lb, plus shipping. A 3/8" thick, 8" round AR500 lists for ~$40 and is 5.5 lbs, and we charge shipping on top of that. The nicer the product, the less of it you should expect, but still expect to get something way cheaper than normal.

Ordering multiples of $50 may result in a larger target (size and/or thickness), unless you tell us in the comments that you want a bunch of small stuff. If the website is being dumb and wants to charge you shipping, consider letting it. We'll just throw in more steel in that case. Otherwise, fight with it a bit until you win. Or not. 

These targets can also be used for:

Boat anchors
Heavy duty dinner plates
Mounting plates for things that need mounting
Terrible Frisbees
Active participants in tragic boating accidents

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