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Preorder has ended. These are now officialy collectables, and limited to stock on hand. 



Never mind the fact that the year has started, we're slapping a calendar together. Twelve months, 365 days, 6.5x8.5" of calendar and photo (13x8.5" total) per month. Important events like Wizards Nights are noted, as well as events MOA is sponsoring. 


We'll have these available for prebuy until January 7th. They'll ship out around the 17th. If this is successful, we'll have them for 2020 sometime in December 2019, probably. 


This calendar is Safe for Work. Probably. Some of you have really dumb works. There are firearms, shenanigans, dinosaurs, and debauchery, but no nudity. I think. 


Use the USPS Free Swag Shipping option to pay no shipping on this product (only works by itself or with shirts in the cart, if this is set up correctly)


Weighs the same as a Gemtech Outback II 22LR suppressor. 


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