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Nov 8 2019 - limited quantity on hand, but if there's demand, we'll make more

Our MINIME IPSC Metric Pack includes two 33% IPSCs(10x6") and a 25% IPSC (7.5x4.5") in 1/4" AR400, rated for rimfire and service pistol (9x19mm, 40S&W, 45ACP) 

  • Two 1/4 inch thick 33% IPSC Metric (10x6) AR400 steel target ($20.79/ea)
  • One 1/4 inch thick 25% IPSC Metric (10x6) AR400 steel target ($13.35)
  • Six 3/8" lag screws ($6)
  • USPS Flat Rate shipping ($20)

That's $80.93 for those who are counting. We're knocking money off because we can get some economy of scale in building these kits, and like the corner drug dealer, to get you hooked on steel targets. 

Perfect for shooting rimfire to save a buck, or where you can't shoot long distance. 

Recommnded add on (shown for the setup in the picture, but not included by default)

At that point, the only additional materials you need are four lengths of 1/2" conduit or other hollow leg type product, and a 2x4 to complete the target stand, and a firearm to use on your fancy new steel target.

Free USPS Flat Rate Shipping on its own, and counts towards free flat rate USPS shipping on applicable larger orders. You *should* get the option to have $0.00 USPS shipping when you order this. If you add the A-Frame brackets, it'll bump the shipping to $5, because I haven't figured out how to get it to not do that. I'll add some extra stickers or something. Or, if you read all this, mark it for local pickup and include a note in the comments about computers being hard. Note - using the Local Pickup option to abuse the system will probably get your order cancelled, or a dusty pile of steel in the room marked "They're gonna pick it up eventually"

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