OOPS Showdown Dueling Tree DIY Kit

Product Code: OOPSSDDIY6
Availability: 9999
Price: $70.00

3 or more $60.00
   - OR -   

Just the important parts of the Showdown, pivot points, weld strip, and paddles. You supply the rest, angle iron, welding, drilling, beer, carriage bolts, and bullets. If you ask nice, we'll even include a really nice directions via PDF on how to put it together and what else you need.

This is an OOPS kit, the paddles are 3/8" AR400, 6" diameter only. Rated for magnum pistol at 12 yards, impact velocity of 2500 ft/s for rifle, which means as much as 300 yards in many cases.

Paddles are sold in pairs, with all of the laser cut pieces that go with them. Just select diameter, and number of pairs to make your dueling tree dreams come true. Ships USPS Flatrate for free. 

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