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OUT OF STOCK July 21 2019

Expected to have hats (the missing element) back in stock mid August. Once the last of the smallish shirts goes away, package will be reworked as just hat and stickers. 

Like wearing clothes? Like wearing some company's logo on your clothes? Like paying for the privilege to do so? 

Have we got a deal for you! ATF Convenience Store logo swag is now available, unless of course it is out of stock. In which case, buy it anyhow, and we'll know to get more swag for you.

Includes hat, shirt, free USPS shipping, which cannot be combined with other products, for reasons. Reasons mostly are: steel targets destroy everything else in the box, often the box itself, your mailbox, and any item on the USPS truck during transit that dares get in the way.

Hat is adjustable one size fits most. Trucker style, screen printed with NO STUPID BUTTON ON THE TOP TO DIG INTO YOUR HEAD WHILE WEARING EARPRO.


Because we are high tech, you'll need to put your shirt sizes in the comments section. 






Stop being fat

L out of stock, no reorder in near future

XL  out of stock, no reorder in near future

2XL out of stock, no reorder in near future


Out of stock on ATF bumper stickers, those will be reordered in the soonish future. 

There is also a fair chance you'll some MOA Swag, potentially including stickers, business cards, trifolds for your friends, and other such logo things that you can hand out to show you are willing to work for free. 


If you read this far down, put "don't shoot my dog" in the comments for your order of the ATF Swag pack. At some nebulious point in the future, I'll be doing something fun with those of you who ordered and followed directions. 

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