Returns Policy

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Targets which fail to meet the required hardness spec of 475-525 (500 +-5%) or 380-420 (400 +-5%) as appropriate, will be replaced upon return to MOA Targets. Return shipping is at buyer’s expense, and a RMA must be filled out within 30 days of initial receipt. Prior to requesting a RMA, it behooves you to contact us at to see if we can figure out the situation without shipping hunks of metal all over the country. We're typically going to want 5-10 rounds of the ammunition you fired so we can test what is going on. If you've used the wrong steel for your application, you're gonna be sad. Please include details of the situation leading to suspected failure, including photos of the mounting system, distance, and load data for the projectile (fps, weight, caliber, and material). If MOA Targets confirms through testing that an unaltered target fails to meet the required hardness spec, a replacement target will be shipped to you, and we’ll make sure you’re covered on your out of pocket for returning our bad target, likely in the form of additional steel. If the target cannot be confirmed to fail the required hardness, we’ll be happy to ship it back to you at your expense. Shooting any MOA Target with steel jacketed, steel core, incendiary, armor piercing (AP), or light armor piercing (LAP) projectiles will void any warranty and may result in significant damage to the target, increased risk of ricochet, and risk of fire. If it’s not lead and copper, it’s not meant to be shot at steel. Soft points (SP), hard cast lead, wadcutter, hollow points, and full metal jacket (FMJ) are just fine.