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The TWOFER target is a 1.5 inch (1.5") diameter knockdown target (also now tringles and squares, all about the same size) with an integrated 1x2" base, completely constructed of 3/8" AR500. With the same tab and hole assembly and welding method as the rest of MOA's knockdown targets these things are tough enough to take magnum pistol rounds at 12 yards and service rifle rounds at 100 yards. It's recommended to keep your impact velocity under 2800 fps and impact energy under 4000 ft/lbs. If you get real froggy, you can go with magnum rifle rounds at 200 yards. That's the first half of the fun with the TWOFER.


The second half of the fun with the TWOFER is finding it after it flies over the berm and lands somewhere within a city block of the target area. At less than half a pound (approximately 2800 grains), this sucker moves with a purpose when you hit it.


At 150 yards, this is a one MOA target. At 200 yards, it's ¾ MOA. If you can consistently hit these at 200 yards, you've got a sub MOA rifle (or a mortar). Challenge yourself. Frustrate your friends. Give your kids a good workout finding the target.


Price break at quantities of 5 or more from $10/ea welded to $8/ea welded. Save $3/ea by welding them yourself. 

Feel free to request circle/square/triangle on your order, we might even give you what you ask for. 

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