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Our MOA A-Frame Starter Kit is one of the quickest ways to start using AR500 steel targets, with as little hassle as possible. Ready for use with all pistols at 12 yards, intermediate and hunting caliber rifles at 100 yards, and magnum rifles at 200 yards. Believe it or not, Reddit, this target will stop 22 ratshot. It's that damn good. This kit includes almost everything you need to start shooting right away:

That's $128 for those who are counting. We're knocking money off because we can get some economy of scale in building these kits, and like the corner drug dealer, to get you hooked on steel targets. 

The only additional materials you need are four lengths of 1/2" conduit or other hollow leg type product, and a 2x4 to complete the target stand, and a firearm to use on your fancy new steel target.

Free USPS Flat Rate Shipping on its own, and counts towards free flat rate USPS shipping on applicable larger orders. 


June 3 2022 note - Historically, these have been shipped with an 8" gong. Due to market conditions (steel is expensive) we've dropped it to a 6" gong for two reasons: we have a bunch of 6" on hand and no more 8s; we don't have to raise the package price again this way. 

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