MOA's Precision and Moving Things Package (MINIMO + FREEDOMWHEEL) Free USPS Shipping

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Temporarily out of stock. Feel free to order, but know that it's a backorder. 


This is an advanced package deal intended for those who can't let their targets sit still and wait to be hit. Two rifle and pistol rated reactive systems, the MINIMO forces accurate shooting with its initial 5" diameter reactive center, and its 4x4 reactive head. The FREEDOMWHEEL uses a 7" diameter top paddle and an 8" diameter bottom paddle. To spin it, you'll have to time your shots. 

The combination of these two systems will give you a great start on being able to advance from shooting static targets into a more competition, self defense, and hunting standard of things that move around and require you to understand ballistics and shot placement. 

Match Directors - you could make a whole stage based on just these two targets for any combination of firearms. 

These systems are both rated for all standard handgun calibers at 12 yards and rifle calibers at 100 yards, up to 2500 ft/lbs energy, 2800 ft/s at impact. Impacts which exceed the stated maximums may result in damage to the target. Don’t do that, doing dumb stuff isn’t covered by warranty. 

Includes MINIMO System ($375)

FREEDOMWHEEL (rifle) ($265)

A-Frame Bracket (2x4 style) ($58)

Free USPS Flat Rate Shipping ($20)

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