NRA 20% Size Critter Target Pack - 1/4" AR400 Steel (Rimfire)

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NRA spec 20% scale Small Bore Silhouette targets, as specified by the NRA Silhouette Programs, suitable for practice or competition. Four targets per set, one each Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken. Each target is lovingly cut out with a 4,000 watt CNC laser, with target surfaces indexed into the NRA spec 1x2" and 1x4" bases, checked for level, and welded by the finest indigenous artisans of Northern Nevada and Northern Arizona.

NRA 20% Scale Steel Silhouettes
1/4 AR400 (Small Bore, 22LR, 17HMR rated)
3.75 lbs per set
Ram 5.5x6.5"
Pig  3x4.5"
Turkey 4.75x3.75"
Chicken 2.4x2.7"
On NRA specified 1x2" and 1x4" bases
Targets fully indexed to bases and welded for long life
Cut with a CNC laser, ensuring that we insure precise, consistent targets with no appreciable heat affect zone.

Great for practicing for your local Small Bore matches, or for setting up your own. 

These targets are suitable for rimfire only (22LR, 22mag, 17 HMR, 17HM2).

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