3/8 AR500 Steel Long Range Starter Kit - Free Shipping! $260 value)

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This package deal is aimed (heh) at long range shooters.The 3/8" AR500 steel target gong is good for most rifles at 100 yards (speed limit at target 2800 fps, energy at target 4000 ft/lbs) and magnum rifle at 200 yards. All pistols can be used at 12 yards. High speed low drag calibers like 22-250 may still need to back up a bit to prevent pitting. The included 10x20” gong has three holes, so that it can be hung vertically or horizontally. Optionally, a second 10x20” plate can be included.

Minimum distances suggested by MOA are just that, suggested. The important part is the impact velocity (to reduce pitting and prevent blow through) and impact energy (to prevent denting).

Impacts which exceed the stated maximums may result in damage to the target. Don’t do that, doing dumb stuff isn’t covered by warranty. 

Includes 10x20" 3/8" AR500 three hole target ($160)

18" firehose hang kit ($25)

A-Frame 2x4 brackets ($55)

Free USPS Flat Rate Shipping ($20)

Make mine a double
Add an additional 10x20" 3/8" AR500 three hole target $140 more.

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