DIY GOTGUN Dueling Tree Paddles, 6" Diameter 3/8" AR500 Steel

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Price: $33.00
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These paddles are DIY dueling tree paddles acquired when we bought out a local competitor, They sorta work with our trees, but we'd rather use our own design. The good news for you DIY types is they are the correct style to work with 1" pipe. We recommend DOM, but other pipe styles will work. 


They are made of 3/8 inch AR500 steel, and are circular with a 6 inch diameter.


This is per each, not multiple. Please order as many as you need. 


Triangular engineer ruler not included, it's just there for scale


These are a limited supply item, and as a DIY item at deep discount, they are being sold as is, with no warranty. Buyer beware and all that jazz.

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