Rifle Rated MOA Targets 'Showdown' AR500 Steel Dueling Tree

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MOA's portable rifle and pistol rated modular dueling tree is built with 3/8" AR500 paddles. The trunk of the tree is 1/4" AR400, formed at 90*, and is rated for both pistols and rifles right out of the box. This target system is rated for pistols at 12 yards, standard (5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm) rifles at 100 yards. Heaver rifles can be used at longer distances. 

The basic configuration of the dueling tree includes everything you need to get started except 2x4" lumber; the base, the trunk, and the ability to accept four paddles. Optional upgrades can move you to six or eight paddles tall. 

3/16" AR400 paddles can be ordered for use with rimfire. You can order them seperately later if you'd like.

Overall height-

4 paddle - 48"
6 paddle - 66"
8 paddle - 83"

The length of the base is 30".

Please note- while the SHOWDOWN is rifle rated, the trunk is not intended as a target surface. It'll take the hits, but if you use the trunk as the target, you will eventually damage it. If you manage to do something stupid like hit it with AP or steel core, you're likely to hole it. Good news - this design allows for easy replacement of the trunk if you or your moron friends manage to ruin it. 

DIY weld kits are available for the dueling tree, for those who want to save a buck and put it together themselves. All pieces are precut with a laser, you'll be supplying your own trunk and designing a base. Minor deburring and fitting may be required by the end user if you chose to weld it yourself.

Custom paddles are available on request. For ranges where the dueling tree will be a permanent installation, please contact sales@moatargets.com for mounting options. 

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