Mozambique Reactive AR500 Steel Rifle Target

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Known as the MO, this target is designed to be used for solo or paired long range precision rifle shooting ( PRS ), standard centerfire rounds such as 308 from 150 yards and further, and magnum rounds from 250 yards and further. 338 Lapua can be used on the standard 3/8" MO at 350 yards, or the 1/2" MO at 250 yards.

The six by six inch head section falls behind the torso when hit. The seven inch diameter vital section swings to reset the fallen head when hit, and then returns to the ready position. Thusly, one can shoot the head, visually confirm the fallen head, and shoot the vitals to reset the head. Hits can be confirmed with no spotter by the position of the reset head.

The Mozambique is constructed of laser cut 3/8" AR500 steel for the target surfaces. Carriage bolts and appropriate hardware are provided to assemble the target. It is recommended to upgrade your torso to 1/2" AR500 for club or public range use, or for use closer than the recommended 150/250 yards.

This target is not rated for 50 BMG at any distance. This target will not reliably activate with pistol calibers or .223/5.56. A minimum of 1000 ft/lbs of energy at the target is required to reliably reset the target. Check your ballistics charts before you complain things aren't working right. If it turns out they aren't working right, please contact MOA Targets. Abuse of the target by utilizing steel core, steel jacket, tracer, or AP ammo will, as always, void any and all warranty and cause us to shake our collective heads in disbelief.

Target ships with hinge and stand fully welded. You'll need to bolt the head and vitals target area to the hinge assembly, and the complete hinge assembly to the torso. The upper stand unit will need to be bolted to the torso as well. At that point, a couple lag bolts (provided as well) get put into 2x4"s (the only thing you need to provide), and you set the whole thing up, and shoot it. This sounds much more complicated than it is. You'll get a nifty photo guide with your target. At 95 lbs shipped for the base model with stand, shipping is steep. Local pickup is available.

Video available- Test of target with full auto 9mm M11. 308 and 300 win mag activations


Modifications to the size and shape of the head and center reset hole, and overall torso size are available on request as custom versions. For orders of three or more MO targets, please contact to discuss shipping and customization options.

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