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This quick draw target system is intended for two shooters to show off just how good they actually are. As always, you can play with yourself if you have no friends. Dueling trees are great for showing off while engaging multiple targets, but allow shooters who have fallen behind to catch up. Not with the Huckleberry. Draw, fire, see who was fastest while accurate by which paddle is covered and which one is in it's full exposed glory. Shoot to reset, or walk on down and save a bullet. This system can be used as the stop plate for steel challenge matches, if approved by the match coordinator. 

Constructed of 3/8” AR500, this target system is rated for all pistols at 12 yards, intermediate and hunting calibers at 100 yards, and magnum and varmint rifles at 200 yards. Standard with 6” diameter paddles, optional 4” paddles can be ordered for extra challenge. MOA's super compact modular stand system is included, all you have to add is four 2x4s, roughly 4' long each.

If you're overly destructive, and like to miss low with rifles, it's recommended to upgrade the upright and stand to MOA's formed 1/4” AR400, rated for rifles at 100 yards. 

Modular 2x4 base available as well, for use with wood 2x4 (four pieces roughly 48" long recommended) 

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