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The Polish Plate Rack, described by one user as "some wonky-assed swinging plates of death" is constructed of 3/8" AR500 steel, with a solid 1" steel pivot shaft, automotive bearings, and a one piece construction hub. The stand, upright, and hub assembly is the same proven system as the MOA Red Neck Star. This eight paddle target system is designed for use with all pistols at 12 yards, and all shootable areas other than the stand and upright are constructed of 3/8” AR500. 

This DIY kit includes the entirety of the polish plate rack target, and depends on the end user (that would be you, presumably) to acquire materials to build the stand and upright, and to attach the pivot shaft to the upright. Why would you do this instead of buying the whole thing from MOA? Three reasons - you save $200 right off the bat, you save additional shipping (this ships free, the complete version doesn't), and you get a smug sense of accomplishment building it yourself. 

In the boxes you'll find:

Eight each: laser cut paddles, paddle brackets, paddle retention pieces

One- plate mount for hub

One- hub armor

Two- half rack plates

Two- counterweight brackets

Two- counterweights

One- hub

One- 1" diameter formed pivot point (axle)

One- pile of hardware to put this all together (1/2" carriage bolts, nyloc nuts, and springs)

Our simple retention system for the paddles can be done one handed, simply reversing the motion the paddle makes when shot loose. Spring tension is user adjustable to allow for wear on the system, or to really screw that buddy who's too good at shooting these things. Comes with 6" diameter paddles. Contact us for a quote on custom paddle shapes. Video of the simple reset of paddles is available here (shown on the Red Neck Star, which uses the same paddles and retention) https://youtu.be/Ztq3JG55IxE

This system is suitable for home use or competition, and will probably outlast your firearm. MOA's unique no weld assembly system means, even if you do screw up and break something, you can simply bolt the new part on.Ships a combination of UPS (stand and upright) and USPS (all the other parts) to save shipping cost. 

Video of the target in action with pistol https://youtu.be/ooJj-Rn5hoQ

Video of the target in action with rifle https://youtu.be/tw1uszqIeeI

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