417 Determined Attacker

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The 417 target system was designed at the request of Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch, a world class training facility in southeast Oregon. Smith spends a great deal of his time training law enforcement officers (LEOs). LEOs spend a great deal of their training time thing about what happens when something goes really wrong. An example of things going really wrong is an assailant that won't stop voluntary, and requires multiple shots to stop doing whatever caused the LEO to shoot them in the first place. The 417 system is standard with a “fancy icecream cone”, with an 8” maximum diameter and formed mounting system. The target surface is ¼” AR400, suitable for standard, non magnum pistols only.

The set screw allows the rate of fall to be adjusted from “LOL NOPE” to “OMGWTFBBQ” or anything in between.

If you're overly destructive, it's recommended to upgrade the stand to MOA's formed 1/4” AR400. 

Want something other than the standard icecream cone target? Contact us and discuss, we're open to other shapes and sizes at various costs. 

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