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The FREEDOMWHEEL is a fantastic way to spread freedom across this great land. Mostly the freedom from being encumbered by excessive ammunition at the end of the day at a range. Shoot the paddles (7” on top, 8” on bottom) in an alternating fashion to spin the target around the center axis. This is harder than it sounds.

9x19mm is the minimum caliber recommended for this task. Built of 3/8” AR500, this target can be used with standard centerfire pistols at 12 yards (recommend backing out to 15 or 18 yards with magnum pistols), intermediate and hunting rifles at 100 yards, and magnum rifles at 200 yards. Rifles may not require multiple hits to swing the target, .45-70, for example got three rotations with one hit during our testing. This makes the target system an excellent long range flasher unit as well as a pistol challenge target.

Each FREEDOMWHEEL kit comes with all of the laser cut parts you need, as well as the hardware to assemble it. It does not, however, come with the legs or crossbar, because those don't fit in a flat rate box. Go down to your local hardware store and pick up four pieces of conduit or black pipe for your legs, and a 36” contractor stake (used for concrete forms). 

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Photo assembly guide https://goo.gl/photos/z9Z1kLp3JJH6qDUT9

Shoot it for spinny fun times! WHEEEEEEE!  <--- click for youtube video

A challenger appears! <--- click for youtube video


Note: Use as a vertically integrated competitive dueling tree for two or more participants may end in tears, hilarity. 


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