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What's this about closing the “gun show loop hole”?

Repeal USC  Title 18 Chapter 44 and Title 26 Chapter 53

Well, if you've made it this far, you've presumably looked up the referenced bits of the US Code, Title 18 Chapter 44 and Title 26 Chapter 53. If not, just hit the hotlinks provided. Now that you see where we're going with this, grab the image and share it in social media. The real goal is to make this happen. The realistic goal is to remind everyone to check their facts before they grab pitchforks and torches. Research, THEN riot. In the mean time, remember, facts don't lie, but they can always be presented in a manner that is contrary to reality.


MOA Targets LLC was founded by Mitch Gerlinger in March 2013, after years of shooting a great many things, including, but not limited to, rocks, trees, varmints, and random lumps of steel. Having found locally available targets to be limited in variety and generally unsuitable for his uses, not to mention pretty spendy, he turned to designing and sourcing his own targets. After several years of debating, MOA Targets LLC was born.

The MOA Team also includes Josh T, Chief Minion. Josh has been with MOA since Day One, and is nominally in charge of making sure Mitch doesn't screw up too badly. Jon F, Head of Skunkworks, hosts many of the prototype shoots, does one off machining and welding, and currently much of the production welding for MOA. Louis M, 404 Title Not Found, does production welding and is a sponsored shooter for MOA in the local 3-Gun Circuit. John M, Overwatch Consultant, also does production welding, as well as works on development of long range targets, and testing thereof. In his copious spare time, he also manages MOA's junior sponsored shooter, Bella. Daniel C, Chief Engineering Minion, does much of the heavy lifting for design of MOA's reactive targets. Chris T, Engineering Minion, does pretty much all the reactive target design work that Daniel C doesn't do.

MOA’s commitment is to high quality steel targets geared towards the do-it-yourselfer. Every target surface produced by MOA Targets is of AR 500 or AR400 steel, with mill certificates available on request. Our ¼”, ⅜”, and ½” targets are cut on a state of the art 4,000 Watt CNC laser table. Our 1” targets are cut with a high definition CNC Plasma. Laser cutting results in a heat soak zone typically less than 1/32”, as opposed to the ¼” to ½” heat soak that is the result of typical plasma or oxy-acetylene cutting. Water-jet and plasma-underwater have a similar heat soak zone due to the slower cutting method they employ. Here at MOA, we’d rather have steel cut with a freaking laser than water anyhow, no one ever dreams of having an awesome water pistol.

 Each target and stand that requires welding is available as a weld kit, as well as a completed product. Weld kits allow the end user (that’d be you) to either weld the target up themselves, or have a local shop or buddy do so for them. Savings come in from two routes with weld kits; first, you don’t have to pay me to do it, second, many target setups can ship much cheaper as weld kits, due to reduced dimensions.

As a company run by a shooter, for shooters, everything sold here as a target is designed for a long service life. Service life of  measured thousands to tens or hundreds of thousands of rounds, depending on individual use. Treated right, MOA’s products will be with you for long enough that you’re liable to forget where you bought them. We hope, however, that you remember who you bought them from and tell your friends where to get their own. Additionally, MOA is constantly developing new target designs based on user requests, whim, and fancy.

MOA provides shipping within the USA (sorry America's Hat and Pants, shipping is just a pain), and offers local pickup in Kingman, AZ. For the patient buyer on the west of the Rockies, freight options beyond the normal UPS and FedEx exist, contact us at sales at moatargets dot com for personalized options.