AR400+ 8" Gong (Normally $25)

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OUT OF STOCK MAR 12 2018, no restock expected. Listing left up to prevent 404 from bad links. 


8" diameter, 3/8" thickness, two 3/8" square holes designed to take carriage bolts. 5 lbs.

Targets are laser cut AR as usual, we just don't know if they are 400 or 500 hardness. 3/8” AR400 will take all pistol rounds, including magnum at 12 yards and has a speed limit of 2500 ft/s for rifle. 3/8” AR500 will do the same, but has a speed limit of 2800 ft/s at the target for rifle. What that means is, if you buy these, you shouldn't use them closer than 200 yards for most rifle rounds, but will work just the same as you're used to otherwise. Check your ballistics charts. This particular item is intended more as an add on for orders that include one or more of the other targets in this discount run. Frankly, if you're only getting one or two of these 8" gongs, just get the regular AR500 item, or consider the MOA 8" Gong Starter Kit, at $60 (shipped) it's a way better value. 

This is a limited run, stock on hand only. No warranty, returns, or exchanges on these targets. Shipping is $20/order. Targets do not count towards normal $175 USPS flat rate shipping threshold for free shipping. These targets are not eligible for discount coupons. 

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