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NRA Small Bore sized Ram, Pig, Turkey, and Chicken silhouette targets (one of each), made of 1/4" AR400 steel, with welded 1x2" base plates, as specified by the NRA Silhouette Programs. Bases are slotted, allowing the targets to be used unwelded or welded, and greatly easing the task of welding. Overall rough target dimensions are: 5.5x6.5" (Ram). 3x4.5" (Pig), 4.75x3.75" (Turkey), and 2.4x2.7" (Chicken).

Great for practicing for your local Small Bore matches, or for setting up your own. 

This particular batch of targets ended up with some melted steel on the edges of some targets, which will need to be ground down before welding. Rather than do that with 100 odd sets we have, we're going to sell them to you as ugly weld kits. They'll work just fine, the material was not compromised. They just will need a little grinder work in a few cases to fit nicely. 

These targets are sold as is, no warranty, but they include free USPS shipping, and are cheap!

Free shipping counts towards $175 goal for free shipping on other products, but does not automatically make the rest of your (sub $150) order free shipping.

Quantity limited to stock on hand. 

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