Welcome to MOA Targets

May 13, 2020 -

1 - Orders are temporarily offline so that we can catch up and do inventory

2 - Orders will come back up, but will only be for in stock items and certain items which are inbound for inventory (probably around May 20). NOTE - No part of this plan includes blowing out any targets at killer prices. It doesn't go bad, and we have plenty of room to store it. There's no point in holding out for discount on discontinued steel or a going out of business sale or anything like that. If you want something, buy it. If you want a better price, ask to buy several thousand dollars worth of targets. 

3 - As inventory is depleted, we'll figure out what we're doing to restock, based on demand and supply (MINIMOs, starter kits, freedom wheels, popquiz for sure, likely half a dozen other things. We'll also be taking requests for periodic manufacture and shipment) You'll still be able to get any and everything we make, it might just take a bit longer for some stuff. We're not going away. The way this business is structured, anything short of full communism can be worked around.

Note - when I say we, I mean I. MOA Targets is, and has been, a one man show supported with both paid and unpaid individuals who believe in the operation and the bearded semihobo who runs it (again, me) enough to literally volunteer their time and couch space to help me succeed. That has helped make sure that overhead is low, and the only one who can be directly financially affected by this is me. It also means that there’s no need to terminate the business entirely. MOA will continue to exist, and eventually we’ll all be back to normal again and yelling about normal things.

Thank you for your continued business, support, and shenanigans.

Mitch Gerlinger

Chief Guy in Charge of Stuff


Taking a knee used to mean something

Open Friday - Sunday, roughly 9-6 each day. 

Closed Monday-Thursday, use the Contact Us here to make an appointment during those days. This is mostly when we are dealing with the online customers, so don't be shy about calling or emailing.

853 S Ty Road, Kingman AZ, 86401

Don't trust Apple Maps, it will send you out to die in the trailer park

Take Exit 66, Blake Ranch Road, from Interstate 40, about 15 miles east of Kingman AZ. The Petro truck stop is a good landmark, and the ATF/MOA store front is just around the corner. It's painted bright orange with green trim, if you miss it, you'll want to buy our extra large targets. 

Not sure what steel thickness you need? Check out the Flow Chart (hot link)

Need MORE info? We now have a live chat that is periodically monitored. https://discord.gg/mkC3jYd
We're not in Reno any more, we're in Kingman Arizona. Try Carson Guns (Carson City NV) or J & K Guns and Stuff (Susanville, CA).

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MOA Targets: AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Gongs