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CLAY STAR PADDLES NOW AVAILABE! Click here for video if you have no idea what we're talking about.



Due to market forces (steel import tariff signed), things are in a bit of a tizzy right now. The real problem is availability is down and we're having to scramble for material. As soon as the snow melts here, we're going to get a real inventory of what we have and post it for you guys. Our material cost has jumped 40% since Jan 1. We just did another price adjustment (+20% on some stuff, 15% on the rest since Jan 1) to account for the materials cost increase (labor and shipping didn't change). We don't anticipate another major change up or down in the near future, and hope things will be stabilized by the end of summer. If nothing major happens, we'll be able to hold these prices. We historically have tried to keep all the prices non decimal (because it's annoying) but they are a mess currently because of the way we raised prices. Expect numbers to be rounded off eventually.


We're SWAMPED hosting Cola Warrior West IV in Reno NV, March 29-April 9. Exect some shipping and communication delays. Wish us luck! We need it. All of it. 

MOA 5th Annual Machine Gun Shoot is April 8, right after the Cola Wars. Contact us for info.

Not sure what steel thickness you need? Check out the Flow Chart (hot link)
Need MORE info? We now have a live chat that is periodically monitored. https://discord.gg/mkC3jYd
2018 is going to be a busy year. We have several new reactive targets coming out of the prototype process right now, including the forward falling 2/3 Pepper Popper and polish plate rack, and other big moves afoot. Stay tuned!
MOA is again hosting Cola Warrior West this year. The run list is full, but we're still taking standby at https://www.cola-warrior.com/events/cola-warrior-west/cww4/ Event is April 5-7 outside Reno, NV. Other events we'll be sponsor and or attending this year so far: Cola Warrior Southeast March 8-10, Mystery Mountain 3Gun March 23-25, Hornady Zombies in the Heartland June 1-3, and Cola Warrior Texas June 7-9.

MOA Targets: AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Gongs