Welcome to MOA Targets

New swag has arrived. 

For a limited time, the SWAG package in Other will contain a shot glass. It might even arrive intact if we stuff it in the t-shirt.

CLAY STAR PADDLES NOW AVAILABE! Click here for video if you have no idea what we're talking about. Two new versions coming soon. 


Not sure what steel thickness you need? Check out the Flow Chart (hot link)

Need MORE info? We now have a live chat that is periodically monitored. https://discord.gg/mkC3jYd
We've just returned from out Summer Road Trip of Doom. 5000 miles, 16 days, three major outlaw matches in different time zones. We'll be getting things straightened out over the next few days, and back on track. Stay tuned for new products.

MOA Targets: AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Gongs