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Aug 7 2018

We officially survived the fire. It was pretty dicey for a few days. Almost 80 square miles burned (51k acres), half private land, the rest BLM and BIA. I discovered to my dismay that the headlights on my borrowed tractor didn't work, making cutting fire breaks in the dark while it was cooler impossible. And then I remembered that I'm a wizard, grabbed my PVS-14 night vision, and learned just how much fun driving a tractor at 1AM with NODs on is. Totally justified buying the damn things. 

The fire break work and fuel load reduction around my structures are things that could have been done in much nice weather without smoke. If you have work to do like that, I recommend not slacking like I did. The time I spent packing for evac was disjointed and unfocused. Again, learn from my mistakes, and know where important stuff is. I've got a list going now with gems like "everything in the top drawer of the desk" and "don't forget about the wooden Cola Warrior Plaques on the mantle" in my phone for evac.


Be aware of your local hazards, both likely and not, and make plans for them. Check your preps and your important things to evac. Be good to each other. Oh and buy some steel, we've got a big announcement coming up that's gonna require a lot of cash outlay on our end, but is going to move MOA to the next level


Fire Sale

CLAY STAR PADDLES NOW AVAILABE! Click here for video if you have no idea what we're talking about. Two new versions coming soon. 


Not sure what steel thickness you need? Check out the Flow Chart (hot link)

Need MORE info? We now have a live chat that is periodically monitored. https://discord.gg/mkC3jYd
While we don't have as physical store front, we do have local retailers. Try Carson Guns (Carson City NV) or J & K Guns and Stuff (Susanville, CA).

MOA Targets: AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Gongs