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12/23/21 Reactive Targets category is back, but I broke the shipping module. As a result, everything is defaulted to local pickup. You can wait for me to fix it, or you can order and I'll contact you with the shipping quote and you can decide how bad you still want it.


Due to industry wide materials shortages that are the fallout from COVID shutdowns and transport disruptions, we've had to cut our available product line down to what we physically have on hand. We are slowly adding to it as we organize our back shelves, 

Anything that isn't in that category that you find and put in your cart has the wrong price, and isn't going to let you pick a shipping category other than local pickup. Those items doen't actually exist, won't ship, and will be cancelled. If you want 'em, contact us and we'll add you to the notification list as we get stuff in. 

Hang in there, and don't be shy about contacting us. 


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Feel free to contact us at orders@moatargets.com with your wish list. We'll see what we have on hand and can do hand invoices. 

If you have any questions, discord is the way to go,  https://discord.gg/mkC3jYd  as email has been touchy, and phone swamped. Text is good too.


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Store front open by appointment only these days. 

853 S Ty Road, Kingman AZ, 86401

Don't trust Apple Maps, it will send you out to die in the trailer park

Take Exit 66, Blake Ranch Road, from Interstate 40, about 15 miles east of Kingman AZ. The Petro truck stop is a good landmark, and the ATF/MOA store front is just around the corner. It's painted bright orange with green trim, if you miss it, you'll want to buy our extra large targets. 

Not sure what steel thickness you need? Check out the Flow Chart (hot link

We're not in Reno any more, we're in Kingman Arizona. Try Carson Guns (Carson City NV)

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MOA Targets: AR500 Reactive Steel Shooting Gongs