Mini Wolfman Silhouette AR400 Steel Target - Flat rate eligible

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Some kinda wolfman thing but smaller, made of 0.25 inch thick AR400 steel, suitable for rimfire and service pistol calibers.. Upgradable to 0.375" AR500 for use with all pistol calibers, and non-magnum rifles.

Target measures approximately 11.5x18", and weighs 10 lbs in 1/4", 15 lbs in 3/8". Rough surface area of 133 square inches (slightly less than a 12x12" square)

Add A-frame brackets and the firehose hanger to have a complete setup, only requiring a 2x4 cross bar and four pieces of conduit to set your whole thing up. Product is shipped raw, just like all of our other targets. We just had fun painting up a demo for this one.


Flat rate eligible, ships for free in eligible orders over $175.



*Any resemblance to monsters, living, dead, or mutated, is purely coincidental. Suggested monsters so far: wolfman, chupaccabre, deathclaw, "some weird alien thing". 

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